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iDrive at Saudi IoT

As a business service provider, the success of our customers directly defines our own achievements. Our work compromises not only creating software and hardware that empowers our customers to implement their business models and grow, but to ensure we support them at every crossroad with our experience in the mobility industry. As we work in numerous countries with companies of various sizes, our clients are often at various stages of development. Working with our customers to engage with the most recent trends and transforming them into market leaders, helps us acquire even more experience.

Case in point – most recently we have had a unique possibility to work with one of our customers, iDrive KSA to present their success and incredible growth in Saudi Arabia at the 2nd Saudi International Exhibition & Conference for Internet of Things. We have been working with iDrive KSA since the launch of their carsharing operation last year and in this short period the company was able to achieve astounding growth rates.

Saudi Arabia’s shared mobility market is one of the fastest growing in the world. Most of the companies, however, work in ride-hailing business, including Uber and its regional competitor Careem. iDrive KSA, however, chose to focus on carsharing, as fast urbanization and social changes in the country significantly increased the number of people who want to drive. Just last year, Saudi Arabia allowed women to get driver’s licenses and be at the wheel of a vehicle – a change that signifies not only a dramatic social transformation in the country but also great business and social opportunity for mobility business.

iDrive KSA was able to partner with various business groups as well as major infrastructure projects to power its growth. The company already has initiatives with Saudi airlines and railway, providing transportation service to customers of these companies.

The success of iDrive KSA has come from the expertise of the local market and unique cultural circumstances of working with customers. This experience has once again taught us how important understanding of the local market and culture is in the success of mobility business, as transportation behavior and needs are heavily influenced by the local culture.

iDrive team

Along with working with iDrive KSA on the scaling of its growth, we actively cooperated with them to strengthen the existing partnerships and form new ones in Saudi Arabia. Saudi IOT was one of the unique opportunities in this regard. The conference is part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision strategy which positions internet technology as a centerpiece for future development of the country. The conference was first of its kind that brought together companies from all industries – automotive to retail. Going into the conference to accompany our customer our main goal was to showcase the innovations iDrive KSA is bringing to Saudi Arabia and how its service can help other companies improve their businesses with carsharing technology since a wide range of companies in the country have a fleet that they utilize only in specific times or need one temporarily at certain times for their employees or operations.

We worked with the customer to prepare a strategy for the conference and designed marketing materials to appropriate display their services. During the three days of the conference, we supported iDrive KSA in forming international partnerships with companies from outside of Saudi Arabia and live demoed our technology showing its practical advantages. As a result of this unique combination of our international experience and iDrive KSA’s local expertise and success of its operations, the customer was able to acquire not only new clients for its operations but form new partnerships around the world. In return, we were able to learn more about the fast-growing mobility market of Saudi Arabia and bring our technology to even more businesses.

Experiences such as this show us constantly the importance of working with the customer to accelerate their company growth not only through providing advanced technologies but through supporting them in their operational and business growth practices.


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